Cable & Wireless Adventurer


Built at Vosper Thorneycroft in 1998, the 34.4m (113ft) CABLE & WIRELESS ADVENTURER was commissioned with the specific aim of beating the record for a world circumnavigation under power

Based on the proven fuel efficient design of ILAN VOYAGER, C&W consumes just 154 litres per hour at up to 22 knots..

C&W completed the 22,600 nautical mile voyage in a record time of 74 days and 21 hours (including 11 fuelling stops). A record previously held by the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine TRITON.

Now renamed MY BRIDGET BARDOT, her speed, long range and seaworthiness have been invaluable for her new owners, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, in drawing attention to the activities of Japanese whaling fleets in the South Atlantic.