Maggie B


The owner of the 19.3m (63ft) schooner MAGGIE B was looking for a safe, comfortable cruising yacht capable of crossing the Southern Ocean.

The pleasing shear of the lines is in keeping with the Down East seafaring tradition of fast trading schooners and she was built in strip plank epoxy glass sheathed Douglas Fir at Covey Island Boatworks, Nova Scotia.

Nigel Irens believes that cruising does not need to be slow, so under the water MAGGIE B has a relatively low wetted surface shallow hull with full keel and hydraulically controlled centreboard. Above the waterline the hull has a fine bow entry and a relatively narrow waterline beam to keep the hull both slippery and dry.

After launching in 2006 the owner set off on a successful two year 38,400 mile circumnavigation via the five Great Capes.