Seahorse Magazine Article June 2017 – Supplement Information

The following collection of videos relate to the “Better (motor) boats” article by Nigel Irens in the June 2017 edition of Seahorse Magazine.



The 8m test vessel ‘GRETA’ seen here headed for Dartmouth, UK, after a 50 Nautical Mile delivery trip up from Fowey in Cornwall. Time: 5 hours 20 minutes. Average speed: 9.4 knots. Fuel Burn: 13 litres. Average Power: 10 hp (approx). Max Installed power: 14 hp.



The recently launched 9.5m weekender ‘WILHELMINA’ on first engine trials.

Reassuringly minimal wave pattern from ‘WILHELMINA’ at 11.7 knots.



The 19m LDL ‘MOLLY BÁN’ at maximum speed of 17 knots.

The view aft from MOLLY BÁN at 10 knots.



7 m (23 ft) ‘ELEKTRA’ – All electric day boat. 350 Kgs of Lithium Phosphate batteries supplying a pair of 12 Kw Lynch motors.
Max speed: 15 knots = range 15 miles (Speed/Length ratio = 3.2).
Economical cruising speed 10 knots = range 70 miles (Speed/Length ratio = 2.1).
This illustrates the importance of keeping in the ‘Swift’ Speed/Length range as driving this hull at a ‘Fast’ speed is clearly not efficient.



The 14m LDL ‘JAN’ built in Holland. Used for extensive cruising by her owner, who covered sum 2000Nm in the Baltic during the summer of 2016.