Our sincere congratulations to Kevin Clifford and his team lead by Rowland Bennett for their amazing work in rescuing the half-built GUNBOAT 55-05  after the sad demise of the original GUNBOAT company.

In her early sea trials the re-born ‘VAI-VAI’ appears to show that she delivers everything that that was dreamed of at the beginning of the GB55 project back in 2011.

On returning from trials yesterday Rowland sent us the following message:

“Ok… She’s a flyer!!! Trim feels light and responsive. No boiling rooster tails. Steering is really good. 12 knots to weather in 15. No hobby horsing. No creaks and groans. Rudders and boards the quietest I’ve heard.   Off the wind J1 in about 12- 15 kts we clipped 20.2 kts.  Steering good loaded up as well.  Well done. – Row.”

Video Courtesy of Nick Black